Product Naming and Brand Development

The Challenge:
Pleotint, a Michigan-based technology company, needed a brand name for a new type of window interlayer that lightens or darkens according to ambient temperatures and exposure to sunlight, enabling windows equipped with the technology to passively control the amount of heat and sunlight that enters a building.

The Solution:
Yearick-Millea developed the name Suntuitive™ Interlayer, which subtly yet effectively describes the product’s ability to “intuitively” adapt to changing environmental conditions.  The brand name also helps position Suntuitive interlayer as a one-of-a-kind dynamic window technology because of its ability to naturally adjust to temperature and sunlight without mechanical intervention or computer controls.

The Results
Pleotint’s Suntuitive Interlayer has been featured in several trade publications and related blogs. Remodeling Magazine wrote about the technology behind the glass and how it results in energy savings; Building Design+Construction featured Suntuitive  in its roundup of glazing technologies; Green Build TV wrote about Suntuitive’s role in the REHAU Montana Ecosmart House project; and it was awarded the “Most Innovative Commercial Window” in 2013 by Glass Magazine.

Thanks in part to the Suntuitive Interlayer brand name, related marketing support and the proven field performance of the product, Pleotint also has experienced steady growth in sales for their new technology.

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