PPG Industries – Glass

Solar Mailing Campaign

The Challenge
The objective of this campaign was to introduce Solarphire® glass by PPG Industries. As one of the world’s largest glass manufacturers, PPG sought to develop a stronger connection with research and development (R&D) directors for solar module manufacturers. Market research showed that these individuals regarded glass as a commodity material that was not especially critical to the performance of solar modules. PPG Solar Performance Group identified this misperception as an opportunity to demonstrate how Solarphire glass, the most transmissive solar float glass in the world, had the potential to significantly improve the efficiency of solar modules.

PPG Solar Performance Group compiled a list of the top 50 U.S. solar module manufacturers and contacted each company individually to get the exact name and contact information for their R&D directors. Yearick-Millea wrote copy and worked with PPG and a design firm to create a direct mail campaign that provided R&D directors with samples of Solarphire glass and requested face-to-face meetings with them.

The direct mail piece featured a customized, silk-lined jewelry box containing a glass ruler fabricated from Solarphire glass. Each ruler was etched with the name of the recipient and accompanied by a letter from the sales manager for the PPG Solar Performance Group simply requesting that the R&D director accept his phone call. The mailer also directed the recipient to a dedicated Solarphire glass micro-site highlighting the competitive and performance advantages of the product.

PPG saw a return-on-investment of more than 930 to 1 on the direct mail campaign. Sixty-three percent of the targeted R&D directors agreed to a meeting with PPG and the campaign, which was executed for about $7,500, helped net six new accounts for the PPG Solar Performance Group. So far, they have generated more than $7 million in new business.